Author: Anna Kleve
Illustrator: Yunuyei


Gar’dal is smaller than the other orcs, but that doesn’t make him any less fierce. However, rejected by his own, he defies orders and finds himself injured in an unknown valley. More dead than alive he is found by Darak, a goblin, who now finds himself at a crossroads, that may lead to destruction. Will he still be able to help the orc?


Limited Edition

Exclusively available through our store, the limited edition contains the short novella “Fairy x Trickster” as a booklet.


In his search to break a curse, Luca – a trickster – follows in the footsteps of an old legend. On his journey he meets Javid – a fairy without wings. Together they enter the fairy realm, but soon have to realize, that curses and lack of wings are their least problems.



An orc, who doesn’t really fit in with the others, suddenly found himself wounded in goblin territory …


A goblin, who finds Gar’dal. Despite the goblins’ innate affinity for magic, he is still struggling using it.

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