Author: Dave Mania
Illustrator: Various


After being summoned to another world Jordan has lived quite the life. He became a knight, met a princess, ended a decade-long war, married and had children. And now … his new slow life could not be any better. Follow Jordan, his family and his friends and their new life in a new world after war.

An episodic Slice of Life Fantasy story, that allows you to jump into it at any point.



Retired hero and (hopefully) soon-to-be author. Narrator of the story, and sometimes even protagonist.


Formerly princess and Jordan’s wife. After saving the world, and taking care of three children she’s seeking new challenges in becoming an artist.


This century-old dragon has just awoken from his century-long slumber, and is now wreaking havoc in the city! (Not really, he just doesn’t know what common sense is, yet.)


A nigh-immortal witch who has been working under the royal family most of her life. She opened a café in the city after the war, which is frequented by her friends.


A vampire and Jeanne’s girlfriend (tbc.) Though vampier-human relations aren’t the best (and vampires can’t stay in the sun for too long) she travelled to the city to get to know humans better.


Volume 1:


Chapter 1: Wen
Chapter 2: Maisart
Chapter 3: gel
Chapter 4: SheepShin
Chapter 5: Saeven
Chapter 6: hayanNight

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