It’s time for some you new announcements for our English-language line-up! The first being our first wholly Original German Light Novel to be released in English: “Girlem” by Martina Kald, cover illustration by rebis.

To aid with turning the tables in a battle of Good against Evil, Arbogast the Necromancer plays his trump card, by summoning a soul from another world, and sealing it inside the body of a golem. To his disappointment the soul doesn’t belong to a brave knight or wise magician, with the power to dominate over his enemies. Lieselotte is a dog groomer, and she won’t let her golem-body stop her from doing what she does best: now it’s time for the dungeon dwellers to get brushed, groomed and for those dangerous monsters to discover their hidden, much cuter side.

This comedic take on the isekai-genre has been a favorite among Tiny Tusk’s Light Novels, and it’s no wonder why. This charmingly funny story will have you craving for more, especially since it is a one-shot.

“Girlem” will release in spring of 2024. Since this book seems to be a bit shorter than our other releases, pre-orders aren’t available yet, because we still have to figure out pricing for this one. This post will be updated accordingly.