It’s time for our final Update of the year, and what a year it was. Today we have some updates on Pixelite Novels in general, our upcoming release this month as well as a little surprise or two for you all.

General announcements

As some of you already know from Twitter, Amazon has blocked our KDP account and thus deleted all of our eBooks! Great work! How did this happen? Because we tried putting up pre-orders for the German edition of Catgirl Doctor and Amazon decided we were trying to deceive their customers. Likely because someone didn’t get the memo that translations of books (sometimes under the same title as the original) happen in the publishing business. Least to say, I am a bit salty. I’ve made an appeal but as of now have not heard back from Amazon. We will try to get back our account, but as it stands, it’s likely for us to use different means of publishing our eBooks in the future.

However, despite the setbacks (lol) we want to give our readers something in this trying time (it’s a bit cold, isn’t it) and so we have decided to give you all a little something each Advent, starting today!

The Heroes’ Story After Saving the World – Volume 1:

Our first book, and the gift that keeps on giving. We released the Heroes Story in July in German and English as a regular and as a Limited Edition. Today we are very excited to announce that for a limited time we will sell the Limited/Collector’s Edition of both language versions through our store. Until the 31st of December 2023 you will be able to order the Limited/Collector’s Edition of this book, which will ship in January. We will likely end up printing more copies than will be sold, so don’t worry about missing out, both editions should be available after initial pre-orders. December 31st simply will be the cut-off date for deciding how many more copies will be printed.

Some more surprises

Now let’s get you excited about what will happen in the next couple of weeks:

10th – Dave Mania reads from The Heroes’ Story After Saving the World – Volume 1

17th – Dave Mania reads from Die Geschichte der Helden nach der Rettung der Welt – Band 1

24th – announcing our lineup for 2024

Catgirl Doctor - Volume 1:

The release of Catgirl Doctor is upon us and I'm so excited. This is our biggest project so far and the feedback we've received so far has been fantastic. The book is currently still in print and will reach the first customers on December 18th at the latest. Thank you very much for all your support and I hope to be able to present the other volumes to you all next year.

– Dave