Happy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoyed your days off! Mine were very busy, so let’s get right into it, with some new licenses and what else to expect from 2024!

Partnering with Tiny Tusk:

We are excited to announce our partnership with Tiny Tusk, a small Austrian publisher, who among other amazing books publishes a handful of Light Novels! We are glad to be partnering with them to release two of their stories in English. In case you missed the initial announcements, here is a link to the video. We will shortly release separate blog posts for both books, so stay tuned.


And we already have an update for you regarding the first of the new books! Translation is more than halfway complete! We hope to finish the rough translation before the end of the month after which pre-orders will go up. Because the book is much shorter than the others we released before, we still have to figure out pricing for this one. Again, we hope to launch pre-orders some time in January.

General Announcements:

The issue we had with Amazon deleting our KDP account has been resolved. You are now able to order our eBooks through Kindle again. Thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately our translation plugin for the website has decided to break, which is why this months blogpost isn’t a 2-in-1 like usual. We are hoping to get this issue sorted out but that might mean setting up an entire separate website for the English version. We’ll keep you updated.

And that’s already it for now! As we said, stay tuned for our official blogposts regarding our new books, as well as the series pages.

– Dave