For our second English release this year we are excited to present you another book by Dave Mania: The whacky, wonderful, queer world of “My V-Tube Avatar is the Wrong Gender!?”

Hiya, it’s Gaia!

I’m a V-Tuber on my way to rise to the top! Except I kinda messed up. The truth is … I’m a GUY! Of course, no-one is supposed to find out. But as I get more popular and make friends in and outside of V-Tubing, things started getting dicey. Not to mention the crush on my fellow V-Tube colleague.

Just how is this all supposed to end …

Tune in and find out!

If that description isn’t short and sweet, then I don’t know what is. Possibly this book as well.

This oneshot will release as Paperback for 15€ and an E-Book for 8€. We plan to release this book in October 2023. Before that however we will conduct a kickstarter campaign, where you, yes YOU can become part of the book. Backers will have the opportunity to designate usernames for the many chatters during protagonist Gaia’s streams. The kickstarter is planned for September 2023.