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September 2023 Update

Hi everyone and welcome to our belated September update. August has been a quiet month with things only moving at a slow pace, but we can still give you some news regarding one of our releases and also tease some things for 2024.

My V-Tube Avatar Is the Wrong Gender!?

Last month we started with the publication of the Webnovel on Tapas as well as taking preorders, which have been trickling in slowly. We’re still aiming to release the novel in October, but depending on the amount of preorders we get, the release date might shift by a couple of days. As a reminder, the special pre-order bonus for this novel is having your username featured as one of the many chatters during protagonist Gaia’s streams! Tentative end date for preorders is October 16th.

We’re currently editing the novel as we publish it online, and hope to send it of to copy editing this month, so everything is set for the release.

In other news:

We are also preparing our releases for next year and hope to have some news for you within the next few months. As a little teaser, we hope to publish some Light Novels from German authors in English. I hope you are all looking forward to that.

That’s it for this month. I hope we can count on all of your support for our next release.


August Update

Hey everyone!

This is going to be a quick one, again only in English, because I am in a bit of a rush.

The Heroes’ Story has been released into the world and I couldn’t be happier about it! At the moment we don’t have the capacity to work on the following volume, because we are putting all our efforts into our next release, which will be:

My V-Tube Avatar Is the Wrong Gender!?

As part of our promotion plan we have started posting chapters on Tapas! You can now read the entire first chapter and by the end of October you should be able to read the full novel online. Of course you can also pre-order the eBook and the paperback through our store, with a neat little bonus: You’ll have the chance to designate a name for one of the many chatters during Gaia’s live streams, so go ahead and check it out.

We’re aiming for a release in mid-October.

That’s all for now and see you soon!

Our campaign failed – what now?

I’d like to start this update post by thanking everyone for their support, whether you backed the campaign or simply sharing it with others, interacting with me on social media, etc.

I already talked about what our next steps might be in case the campaign fails, but now I’ve made more concrete plans regarding that. I’ve already made my intent to publish these books more than clear, but since I’m missing some funds, I’ll have to prioritize production in some places.

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