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Due to popular demand we‘ve added a handful of tiers through which you can receive the German version! More details below!

As a German company we were expecting to receive a handful of requests as to whether this Kickstarter would also give potential backers the opportunity to receive a German version of this book. Originally, we decided against a German version because we figured not enough people would back the German version, but also because we didn’t want to bloat our campaign with over a dozen reward options! However, there were a lot more requests than expected so we decided to give everyone the option to also get the German version of the book.

What are the new tiers?

We added three new tiers, the Digital German, the Physical German, the German Collector’s Edition, and the German All-in-One. These all cost the same and contain the same benefits as their English counterparts, only in German! For both the Early Bird tiers we decided against doubling these, as we want to maintain their exclusivity status, by not adding double the opportunity for backers to get them. However, you’ll still be able to get the German version with those tiers. After the campaign ends successfully, we will send out mails to all the backers for these tiers, asking them which version they prefer. Should we not get an answer in time we will default to the English version, however. Please be mindful, that completion of the German rewards may take longer than the English ones, as the English version is just a handful steps ahead in production, which I will also get into later.

What if I already backed the English version, but want to switch to the German version?

Then you can do just that! Sadly, I don’t have a way of definitively verifying it for you (and give you a handsome tutorial with screenshots and all) but according to the Kickstarter help page you can change your tier, as long as the campaign has not ended!

Well then, hopefully I have not forgotten about any of the important stuff, so let’s move on to some more status updates.

Our book proofs

Sadly, our book proofs for both the English and the German version have not arrived yet, and I am afraid they won’t until the campaign ends. For the book proofs we took advantage of the German Print on Demand service called Books On Demand, whom I’ve had some experience with before. Unfortunately, it seems they’ve had some trouble integrating a new printing and logistics center into their workflow which leads to many, many delays. So far, the entire process of ordering a book on demand has taken around 10 days for me usually, which is why I don’t expect my order to be completed in time. I don’t want to let you go without another tidbit however, so here I present to you the tentative full cover wraps for the English and German version:

English Cover Wrap
German Cover Wrap

These are basically complete, except for the thickness of the spine, but if you have any feedback that would be appreciated of course 🙂

About the German Version:

Lastly, I though I should let you know about the current status of the German version. A week or two ago it left the copy-editing process, which means it is now due for proof-reading, which we’ll be tackling next month. After that comes the layout, which means the book should be ready for print in early July.

That was all for today, I hope we read each other next week with some more pleasant news!

– Dave