Our first week of trying to get this book funded is over, so here’s our first update regarding this project.

The first fourth of our Kickstarter is already over and we also have our first fourth funded! It’s going a bit slower, than I anticipated but (trying to be positive here) we could also call it steady progress. The Kickstarter is set to end on June 14th, and I’m expecting a handful of generous donations around the end of this month (when everyone received their paychecks) as well as hopefully towards the end of the campaign. 500€ still seems to be a rather low goal to me. Speaking of which …

I miscalculated

What I didn’t know, setting up this campaign, was that shipping costs will be counted towards the donation goal! This means, it’ll be easier to reach the goal for this campaign, however if we just barely hit the goal the funds might not be sufficient to cover the full printing and shipping costs, as well as the Kickstarter fees. Of course, this screw-up is entirely on my part and there will be no repercussions on the side of the backers. However, all of that begs the question:

What if the Kickstarter fails?

Of course, that’s something I consider every day, as I receive static project updates via email, and check the progress myself. Though I’m trying to stay positive I have to prepare for the possibility, which also is in the interest of everyone who backs this campaign.

Let it be said, that in the event this campaign fails, I still plan to pull through and realize this project albeit in a limited capacity. As you can see from the main campaign page, The Heroes’ Storyis but the first of many books to be published by Pixelite Novels. As such, it was planned from the beginning to have the book sold through our store. Regardless of this campaign’s success the book will be available for purchase afterwards. So, should the project not come to fruition you can still buy the book through our store. However additional goodies, such as the bookmarks and postcards will like not be realized, and the initial printing of The Heroes’ Storymight be lower than originally planned. Also, a second volume of The Heroes’ Story might take longer to be published due to lack of financial success.

Pixelite Shop

What can you do?

Promote, promote, promote!

Of course, promoting the book falls under the responsibility of the publisher, however as the whole Bigolas Dickolas affair on Twitter showed us: Word of mouth is much more effective.

You’d be surprised how many people who don’t read books have bought mine after I told them about it! So, please, check out our social media accounts, give us boosts in whatever forms these platforms allow and let’s hope we will see this project through together.

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Now on to some more pleasant matters:

Project status

As my plan is to release the book no matter what, I’ve been steadily working towards having it completed ASAP. Really, the only thing missing is your support, as well as having the book printing when the time has come. In fact, I have ordered some book proofs for both the German and the English version which should hopefully arrive within the next week. Of course, I’ll be showing them off here and elsewhere, as soon as I can get my hands on them.

About the German Version

Speaking of which, in case you missed it: The Heroes’ Storywill receive a release in two languages. However, you won’t be able to get the German version of this book through this campaign, instead please see our online store for both the regular and the Collector’s Edition.

That’s it for the first update, and hopefully we’ll see each other next week with some progress to report, as well as hopefully some book proofs to show off!