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Dezember Update

Es ist Zeit für unser letztes Update des Jahres, und was für ein Jahr es war. Heute haben wir ein paar Neuigkeiten zu Pixelite Novels im Allgemeinen, zu unserer bevorstehenden Veröffentlichung in diesem Monat sowie die eine oder andere Überraschung für euch alle.


August Update

Hey everyone!

This is going to be a quick one, again only in English, because I am in a bit of a rush.

The Heroes’ Story has been released into the world and I couldn’t be happier about it! At the moment we don’t have the capacity to work on the following volume, because we are putting all our efforts into our next release, which will be:

My V-Tube Avatar Is the Wrong Gender!?

As part of our promotion plan we have started posting chapters on Tapas! You can now read the entire first chapter and by the end of October you should be able to read the full novel online. Of course you can also pre-order the eBook and the paperback through our store, with a neat little bonus: You’ll have the chance to designate a name for one of the many chatters during Gaia’s live streams, so go ahead and check it out.

We’re aiming for a release in mid-October.

That’s all for now and see you soon!

Regarding the Availability of The Heroes’ Story

Hello everyone, just a quick update as we approach the official release date of The Heroes’ Story Volume 1 in both English and German.

Pre-Orders of the Collector’s Edition have been shipped and mostly reached their owners. I can’t tell you how mind-blowing of a feeling it was to see people hold this book in their hands.

That said, I have to make some announcements regarding the availability of these books moving forward.

The Collector’s Edition for both the English and the German release will become available again in the fall. Sadly due to personal (and business) reasons we had to stop selling this edition after their pre-order phase. We’re aiming to make this edition available to you again in October, and plan on having them in stock, until … well, they’re out of stock.

Both regular editions will be offered as Print-On-Demand until fall. Sadly, the quality of Print-On-Demand product varies heavily, so if you want to make sure the book will be as perfect as can be, we advise you to wait until October, when we’ll start distributing a regular print run. In Germany the regular edition will be available through book stores by October.

The eBook versions of the book will go on sale July 31st as planned. At the moment the best way to get those is through our store, Kobo and Amazon. We’re hoping other eBook stores, such as iTunes and Google Play will offer our eBooks soon.

We once again thank you for your support and hope you’ll enjoy reading the Heroes’ Story.

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