I’d like to start this update post by thanking everyone for their support, whether you backed the campaign or simply sharing it with others, interacting with me on social media, etc.

I already talked about what our next steps might be in case the campaign fails, but now I’ve made more concrete plans regarding that. I’ve already made my intent to publish these books more than clear, but since I’m missing some funds, I’ll have to prioritize production in some places.

For now, I’ll be focusing on getting both the English and the German regular editions published.

Almost everything is set for the English release, except conversion into ePub format, which is barely a day’s work. The English regular edition will be widely made available through IngramSpark in paperback format as planned. We are hoping to have this version published by the end of July.

The German edition has finally entered its final edits, which we are expecting to be finished early to mid-July, so it should also be available by the end of July.

Both regular editions are available for pre-order through our shop. Every pre-order gets their copy signed if they wish so. The regular editions will definitely be released as planned.

As for both Collector’s Editions: Preorders in the shop are also open until July 16th! We will only print as many copies as funding through preorders will allow us to do. The Collector’s editions will be limited as planned and remaining copies will be sold exclusively through our shop thereafter.

So, for those of you who backed our campaign and still want to get their hands on a book: For now, our shop is the best way to go!

Thank you for your support.