Our second and final english announcement for the year 2024 will be “Orc x Goblin” by Anna Kleve, with illustrations by Yunuyei.

Gardal is smaller than the other orcs, but that doesn’t make him any less fierce. However, rejected by his own, he defies orders and finds himself injured in an unknown valley. More dead than alive he is found by Darak, a goblin, who now finds himself at a crossroads, that may lead to destruction. Will he still be able to help the orc?

This will be our first foray into the BL genre, and there is no-one better to choose, than Anna Kleve, author of countless gay romance novels. And the illustrator isn’t a noname either. Yunuyei is fairly well-known in the German manga community for her cute illustrations and self-published manga! “Orc x Goblin” is the first of a series of stand-alone BL-fantasy titles featuring fun pairings such as “Dwarf x Slyvan” or “Vampire x Tooth Fairy.”

“Orc x Goblin” will release in late fall 2024 for 15€ as a paperback and 8€ as an eBook. And on top of that there will be a Limited Edition sold exclusively through this store, featuring a booklet containting the short novella “Fairy x Trickster,” a stand-alone story set in the same universe. The limited edition will be sold for 25€, again exclusively through our store. Pre-orders will go up in January.