It is finally the time to announce the first of our Light Novel line-up, which is going to be “The Heroes’ Story After Saving the World” by Dave Mania.

After being summoned to another world Jordan has lived quite the life. He became a knight, met a princess, ended a decade-long war, married and had children. And now … his new slow life could not be any better. Follow Jordan, his family and his friends and their new life in a new world after war.

An episodic Slice of Life Fantasy story, that allows you to jump into it at any point.

Now finally in print! Featuring artwork from 7 different artists.

This Slice of Life Isekai features a cast of colorful characters brought to life by illustrations that are just as colorful. That is, if you’re buying the Collector’s Edition of course.

In addition to the Regular Edition for 15€ a Collector’s Edition will be available for 22€ sold exclusively through our shop, as well as a Kickstarter campaign running now! This edition will feature full color illustrations instead of the black-and-white from the Regular Edition, as well as an autograph by me! The author!

The book will hopefully be available through all major retailers by the end of Julyy 2023. A German version is in the works as well.